Business Analysis Training – Why use Learning Pathways?

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    We have been successfully delivering Business Analysis (BA) Training at Expleo Academy since 2014. Of the many ingredients in that success lies our ability to offer Learning Pathways for training in Business Analysis.

    So, I would like to share our BA Learning Pathway options with you throughout this blog series. But, I will first share an understanding of the term “Learning Pathway” and why it should be a feature of your Learning and Development strategy.

    Learning and Growth

    Business Analysis: This image shows a person selecting options from a visual pathway. It represents the flexibility provided when considering Business Analysis training with expleo academy

    Learning has become a cornerstone in any 21st century recipe for business success. A business system’s ability to grow and learn is the basic ingredient in thriving throughout constant change – and change has certainly become a constant, whether you are a Commercial Enterprise, Government Department, Charity or a Sole Trader. Our ability to remain viable often depends on an awareness of training needs and on the importance of meeting those needs. Therefore, achieving learning and growth objectives has become essential for successful business systems. This is true at both individual and organisational levels.

    Learning Pathways for BA Training

    A ‘Learning Pathway’ is an intentionally mapped journey. It helps an individual, team, or entire business system to pursue learning opportunities. This supports personal and business growth objectives. Learning pathway options are informatively signposted to help navigate next steps. A Learning Pathway should allow you to plan ahead as far as you wish to, yet still allow you to re-prioritise your next learning step to align with changing needs. A Learning Pathway gives you confidence that you are investing in the right journey at each step.

    Business Analysis - BA Training – Why use Learning Pathways?

    Business Analysis Training

    Another cornerstone of successful business systems is the ability of the business to analyse its internal and external environments. The flavour of change required varies within the context of these environments. It’s important to know what internal strengths and external opportunities to avail of and how to identify which internal weaknesses or perceived external threats are to be overcome. An understanding of Business Analysis techniques and concepts enables a Business System to implement strategies and tactics to pursue optimal business objectives. So, a robust Business Analysis capability can actually support the implementation of Learning and Growth strategy.

    BA Training – who benefits from Learning Pathways?

    There are many beneficiaries in choosing the right Learning Pathways and Training Provider. As a Trainee, I always expect a return on my time investment when attending a training event. We each have our own motivations for investing time into training. For instance, to learn new techniques, acquire new knowledge, or validate what we think we already know. Or maybe to simply support career ambitions. In other words, I have witnessed a wide range of aspirations, backgrounds, and experience in the trainees who attend our BA training events. These events have benefited both new and experienced Business Analysts, as well as trainees from operational business roles, and project stakeholders such as Product Owners, Project Managers, Change Managers, Developers and Testers. Each keen to learn more about Business Analysis.

    This image shows a pair of beneficiaries shaking hands. It represents the mutual benefits that are enjoyed by employers and employees when pursuing Business Analysis training with expleo academy

    From an employer’s perspective, I similarly expect a return on investment when my staff member attends a training event. Training requires our valuable staff to take time away from everyday business. We need to know that time-investment will bring benefits back to the business. In addition, this need is magnified when responsible for a team of staff who are eager to progress in their careers. Retention has become a greater challenge across all industries. The opportunity of pursuing a Learning Pathway is a proven tactic that can help meet retention targets. As a Trainer, I see the richer learning environment that evolves when Trainees collaborate on a Learning Pathway.


    How do I choose the right BA Training options?

    There can be a risk element when trying to choose the right Learning Pathway, or even simply the next optional training step. How can you know which training provider will understand the training needs, and deliver the value you are looking for? Firstly, I would find a training provider who already offers Learning Pathway options related to your specific training needs. This offering tells me that the Trainer will have experience and knowledge to help guide throughout your learning journey. A Business Analysis Learning Pathway explores a rich variety of concepts, techniques and methodologies. These then enable you to support your Business System’s ongoing evolution.

    In my next blog, I will share with you first-hand experience of the benefits of the Expleo BA Learning Pathways and why you should consider the options available on Expleo’s core BA training options.

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